jueves, 31 de mayo de 2012

Rumor: Romney maneja una lista de 7 nombres

The number stays at 7 and the door is now shut.
The Rumor Mill has heard, according to  information we have received from our sources, that there will be no more additions to “The List.” Gov. Romney’s selection for Vice President will be one of the following candidates:
  • Senator of Florida – Marco Rubio
  • Senator of Ohio – Rob Portman
  • Senator of New Hampshire – Kelly Ayotte
  • Governor of New Jersey – Chris Christie
  • Governor of Minnesota – Tim Pawlenty
  • House of Representative of Washington State – Cathy McMorris Rodgers
  • Governor of Louisiana – Bobby Jindal
(...) Let me explain why I believe that Paul Ryan will not be under consideration by Team Romney.
First, I want to say I’m a big supporter of Paul Ryan and I would have no problem in supporting his selection as Vice President. I do believe his selection would secure the election, because it would result in discussions centering around the issues of the budget, the economy, and jobs. The selection of Paul Ryan would take this election away from the silliness of issues such as Rev. Wright, bullying in high school 45 years ago, Donald Trump, personal drug use 30 years ago, and so on.
According to “The Eagle”, the rumor on ” The Hill” is consistent in regards to Paul Ryan’s future: Paul Ryan will be the “Quarterback” for the Romney Administration up on “The Hill.” It is being said that Paul Ryan & Mitt Romney have already had more discussions between the both of them on how they should hit the ground running after the election than President Obama has had discussions with anyone of the Democratic side of capital hill in 3 1/2 years.
According to the rumors, discussions have gone into such detail as to how Ryan will present his reform package once Romney has taken the oath of office.  Ryan has been effective in getting some traction with some Democrats, such as Senator Wyden of Oregon, and that progress maybe at risk if the reform push comes the Vice Presidential office, instead  of someone in Congress itself.
Do I believe Ryan is on the VP list right now? Yes. But  it does not seem likely that Ryan will become the Vice Presidential pick.
Another name has surfaced as being vetted by Beth Myers for Team Romney, and it’s none other than Senator from Arizona, Jon Kyl. But the rumor is that the contact between Senator Kyl and Team Romney has been made more out of a courtesy to Senator Kyl than anything else. The rumor is that Team Romney wants Kyl on the list just in case this election suddenly turns into one where foreign policy takes center stage. For example, if Israel takes military action against Iran. However, I have received no information that Team Romney has asked for any information from Kyl, or that he has given any documents or information to Team Romney.
I do believe, based upon the information I have been given, that there is a clear distinction between “The Final 7″ listed above and any other candidates which may be mentioned as possibilities in the media.

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