martes, 3 de abril de 2012

Cómo acercar a Romney a los votantes

Mike Allen ( escribe un reportaje de tres páginas que nos acerca al debate existente en Team Romney sobre cómo hacer que el candidato conecte con los votantes:
Members of Mitt Romney’s inner circle acknowledge they still have yet to solve the key challenge they face in trying to help him win the presidency — finding a way to make an emotionally remote and fabulously wealthy candidate connect with average voters.

Aides continue to debate whether they should seize even tighter control of the former Massachusetts governor or yield to the push by some advisers to “let Romney be Romney” — but they have yet to crack the code. “They haven’t been able to grapple with the central issue and central challenge they face as a campaign,” one Romney adviser lamented. “In the absence of a candidate who has any poetry — who has any ability to connect on an emotional level — how do you create a bond?”

Borrowing from Mario Cuomo, the adviser drew a distinction between “poetry” and “prose” candidates. Richard Nixon and George H.W. Bush were prose candidates; Bill Clinton was a poetry candidate; Barack Obama was both.

Romney’s agenda, the adviser said, is “warmed-over oatmeal” and needs to be bolder.

“If you’re a super-charismatic candidate like George W. Bush or John McCain, they both ran without a real bold agenda,” the adviser continued. “They had other, more emotional-level, values-level ways to connect with voters. This guy just doesn’t have it. He has all the warmth of a Wall Street CEO.”

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