miércoles, 20 de junio de 2012

El Super PAC de Obama recauda 8 millones en mayo y junio


a The super PAC devoted to President Barack Obama is in the midst of its best month fundraising stretch yet, pulling in more than $8 million between the beginning of May and Wednesday, according to a spokesman.

Priorities USA Action had been struggling to generate interest from the deepest-pocketed Democratic donors, raising concerns among Obama supporters who feared their side would have no answer for a deluge of attack ads from Mitt Romney’s allies.

A Priorities USA Action spokesman released the May and June tallies ahead of a report the group is required to file Wednesday with the Federal Election Commission detailing its May finances. It will show that super PAC raised more than $4 million in May, the spokesman said, adding the PAC has raised even more than that already in June.

While it’s a big turnaround for Priorities USA Action, it’s still well off the pace set by the super PAC devoted to Romney, Restore Our Future. It filed a report Wednesday showing that it raised $5 million last month, bringing its total raised to $61.5 million.

Even with the $8 million surge, Priorities USA has raised only $18.6 million.

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