martes, 19 de junio de 2012

A Romney le da resultado mimar a los medios locales

Michael Falcone y Amy Walter, que están siguiendo la gira de Romney para ABC News, escriben:

  • GOING LOCAL: Dozens of Washington and New York-based print and television reporters have been following Romney’s every move on his bus tour over the last five-days, but Romney’s campaign isn’t measuring the impact of the journey based on the national coverage as much as the local headlines at each stop along the way. And, by all accounts, it looks like they’ve been getting mostly what they bargained for.
(...) On the second-to-last day of Mitt Romney’s bus tour through six swing states, The Note asked campaign strategist Stuart Stevens how Team Romney would gauge the success of the five-day roadshow.

Stevens said it all came down to one simple question: “Is what you are saying resonating with people?”

Though Romney has been traveling with a phalanx of national press along the roadways of each state he’s visited, it’s clear that the real point of the tour wasn’t so much to court the inside-the-Beltway set but rather local newspaper reporters and small-market television correspondents, many of whom were offered the chance for rare one-on-one sit-downs with the candidate.

The strategy produced headlines like this from the Concord Monitor (New Hampshire):  ”Romney: The best is yet to come,” and this from the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette (Pennsylvania): “Mitt Romney predicts he will end Democratic Pa. winning streak.”

ABC News’ Chris Good notes that local coverage of the penultimate day of Romney’s bus-tour was mostly positive, with newspapers and television stations giving straightforward accounts of the former governor projecting confidence onstage.

In Wisconsin, Romney drew glowing headlines for predicting a win in the state as well as drawing sizable and enthusiastic crowds. While local outlets noted Democratic protests on his swing through Ohio, Romney enjoyed a swell of positive or neutral stories in Wisconsin and Iowa, without prominent mentions of detractors getting in the way.

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