lunes, 11 de junio de 2012

Rumor: ¿4 finalistas?

Nueva conversación de Gregory J. Flugaur con su confidente "The Eagle" sobre el proceso de selección del running-mate de Romney.

“What?!?!” I said.

“The prediction I made was based upon my theory of “the inner circle” regarding who was going to be the last 3 standing on Mitt’s list”,  ”The Eagle” responded.

“You mean the final three of Pawlenty, Portman and Jindal?” I asked.

“Yeah, that is not right, just not happening that way. Chatter is flying and not in that direction for Portman. It’s not happening man,” “The Eagle” answered with a grimace.

(...) Greg: Ok, what did you get wrong? Are you way off, not close? What happened?

The Eagle: Portman is not getting there. His name will always be there, but he is not getting there. Portman not going to be the guy. Everything is good about him, everything being said is cool, it’s good, but it aint going to be him. He is not a Romney guy. You are going to be hearing me say that a lot. It’s all about who is a Romney guy or woman, that’s it. I mean that’s not all it, but you have to be his guy or girl, and if your not, your not. I’m not sure what it is about Portman, but I know the guy in (blank) and he says Portman is not going to get it. They dont’ work, Mitt and Portman. Didn’t happen. What can you say. I think a Romney guy is a CEO who works in a CEO manner, not like a Prosecutor, or a guy on the Hill. Mitt wants a guy or gal who is a decision maker like a CEO. Mitt never works with people who are not. Well I shouldn’t say that, but to be VP you need to be a leader who ran something in which you had to make everyday decisions. I like Portman, you know I like Portman. Everybody likes Portman, but he is not a Romney guy. You will hear some stuff I think real soon on them not clicking. I believe it, I believe it because of who I heard it from. It’s not going to be Portman. I still think, and will always think, that is important to have some foreces in the innner cirlce vouching for you everyday to make it as the VP pick, without it you don’t get it, you know what I mean? But Portman is not the guy and I’m confident of this now.

Greg: So if not Portman, than who is your Final 4?

The Eagle: Jindal, Pawlenty, Rodgers and Rubio.

(...) Greg: Ok, lets get to the Final 4. Explain why its down to Pawlenty, Jindal, Rodgers and Rubio. Start with Rodgers. I thought she was eliminated due to the fact Team Romney put here down as a liason between the White House and the House of Representaives?

The Eagle: Rodgers is a “Romney Gal.” They loved her from the start. They talked with her more than anybody else except for Pawlenty. The chatter is way, way the (bleep). Rodgers was interviewed by Myers right after Memorial Day Weekend. They started with her. Now maybe they talked with her only about the liason thing, but come on man. There is a real possibility she’s it man. She has such respect, it has been noticed in Boston. She makes presentations like a CEO leader man. She has great talk behind her, great chatter. Heavy. People around her think it’s going to happen so that can’t be ingnored. I’m not sure who is pushing for her in the inner circle, don’t know about that. She will be up there until the end, and I don’t care that she is not on the radar of people who don’t know what the hell is going on. She could be the one, hard to ignore but not the favorite.

The CO-FAVORITES right now are Rubio and Pawlenty. Rubio has become a Romney guy. He has momentum. he is working hard for this VP slot. His speeches are making a difference. He is not a CEO guy, but he has become trusted. I keep getting reminded by (redacted) about how many Rubio people are now working for Mitt. maybe not at the highest level, but they are there, scattered about. Gillespie is all about getting traction in the Hispanic community and if he has some stroke it could get interesting. I have always thought of Gillespie as not quite an insider in Boston, but I being told differently. Rubio could be the guy and at this point is co-favorite.

Now the Pawlenty chatter is heavy dude. The Walker victory has only helped Pawlenty. They can package Pawlenty as a Walker very easily. But the chatter is a heavy. The man is living in Boston. He is living in Boston man, and is seating at every table. Everybody knows it man. The press knows it. Pawlenty is a Romney guy. There is no more to add to it. He will give Mitt a quick pass with Evangelical leaders. Its not that important, I don’t want to say it all the time, but for all the things that is going right for Mitt the one thing he has not sealed up yet is the nod of approval from the Evangelical leadership in the South. Pawlenty and Thune can give him that, while Jindal may fall short.

Now Jindal speaks Romney speak. Christie does not, McDonnell does not, not even close. Jindal is moving up man. He is becoming a Romney guy and don’t think he is not. I’m getting a lot of chatter from Jindal and Rodgers people. If you remember when I told you about who was getting vetted? Well it was Rodgers and Jindal together that (redacted) told me. They are both getting a hard look that others will not get.

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Otra vez me sale la advertencia esa sobre tu blog, supongo que por algo de la nueva entrada, porque antes no salía.

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Pues averíguame a ver de qué se trata.

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Pues creo que ya no sale, así que no sé. Me había salido dos veces, si has cambiado algo pues ha funcionado, y si no ni idea xD

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Me ha salido otra vez, creo que es desde que pusiste esta entrada, igual el link que tienes puesto a la página esa.

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Tiene que haber algún modo de averiguarlo dándole a alguna opción cuando aparece el mensaje. La otra vez alguien me dijo cuál era la causa. Menudo ingeniero estás hecho.