lunes, 11 de junio de 2012

¿Saben qué hacer?

Bill Kristol dice que un veterano de las campañas políticas le ha escrito esto sobre las recientes dificultades de Team Obama y lo que deberían hacer si quieren ganar:

Obama has a broken machine inadequate for the race he is in. Wisconsin behavior and aftermath indicative. Reminds me of scene in movie Miracle where the Russian hockey coach Tikhonov—so used to winning—doesn't realize he should pull his goalie in the final minutes to gain a one man advantage on offense. U.S. assistant coach says to Herb Brooks, "Why doesn't he pull his goalie?," and Brooks studies the guy and says, "He doesn't know what to do!" Same for Team Obama. Never behind, never on defense, never had trouble getting media to carry their talking points. Now it's different and they don't know what to do. 

Huge peril ahead: No big money advantage as in 2008; no press corps willing to scold GOP for attacking him; little recent experience in debates/pressers so prone to missteps as seen this week.

(...) Options: To win he either needs a lot of breaks on the economy or to shake things up. Since robust economic news is very unlikely (and with eurozone problems the potential for the opposite is greater), he needs to shake things up NOW. Some things he could/should do:

1.  Replace Biden: Not one vote at risk and putting Hillary here brings him some points. Might shut up Bill as well.

2.  Play president until speech at Dem convention.

3. Give mea culpa speech in which you acknowledge the pain of suburbanites whose votes you need and you intention to focus on their problems (high taxes, debt, market jitters etc.)  Run this theme for next 60 days.
Other more risky but perhaps worthwhile moves:

1.  Go to Europe this week and try to shore up support for eurozone. Make sure Fed is on board and helping.

2.  Pick a fight with a key Dem constituency and stand up to them: Sister Souljah moment. Perhaps Keystone.

3.  Fire senior campaign person (Axelrod or Messina). Bring in a new face. Indicate change from personal attack mode to 2008 approach.

4. Replace Tim G. with business leader as treasury secretary. Go to the Hill and don't leave until you have a budget compromise that probably includes some tax cut extension.

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