domingo, 23 de septiembre de 2012

La prensa, volcada con Obama

Media Research Center:

“Game changer” -- NBC’s  Brian Williams

“Seismic” -- ABC’s Diane Sawyer

“Shaken up the race.” -- CBS’s Scott Pelley

Those were the reactions of the Big Three (ABC, CBS, NBC) evening news anchors to the hidden camera tape of Mitt Romney expressing a basic breakdown of voters who weren’t likely to vote for him. What was a simple analysis by Romney of 47 percent of the electorate was turned into a “political earthquake” that threatened to sink the GOP nominee’s chances.

Over three full days of coverage, on the Big Three evening and morning shows, liberal anchors and reporters devoted almost an hour and a half (1 hour, 28 minutes, 23 seconds) to the Romney tape that made up all or a portion of 42 total stories.

In contrast, when tape emerged of Barack Obama stating he was in favor of “redistribution” of wealth, reporters barely broached the story, spending only six minutes, 28 seconds over eight stories. In all the Big Three networks this week devoted about 88 minutes to the Romney tape compared to just six and a half minutes on the Obama clip -- a 13 to 1 ratio.
Hasta Kristen Powers, columnista demócrata moderada de The Daily Beast, cree que la prensa está recibiendo órdenes de la administración en esta campaña y se pregunta por qué a Obama no se le han hecho las preguntas que se le debían haber hecho después de los ataques a los consulados de Libia y Egipto.

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