lunes, 24 de septiembre de 2012

Un avance de la semana

(Foto: AP)

The Wall Street Journal nos adelanta los planes de los candidatos y sus campañas para esta semana:

Mitt Romney will pick up the pace of his campaigning this week and stress policy proposals that he believes would put more Americans back to work, such as cracking down on Chinese trade practices, pursuing more free-trade agreements and increasing domestic oil and gas production.

(...) Mr. Romney embarks on his busiest week of campaigning since August's Republican convention. He is in the middle of two days of events in Colorado before heading east for a speech in New York at the Clinton Global Initiative, then appearances in Ohio as part of a bus tour of the state.

In its latest bid to re-energize the campaign, the Romney camp has begun rolling out messages tailored to key groups in individual states, offering a housing plan in Nevada, where foreclosures have been high, and saying in Florida that Mr. Obama is undermining the space program, which is important to the state's economy. Mr. Romney has run ads aimed at raising doubts about Mr. Obama's energy policy in coal-rich parts of Ohio and Virginia. Aides said that effort will continue in coming weeks.

(...) Mr. Obama, in remarks aimed at audiences both at home and abroad, will use a speech to the United Nations General Assembly to stress his commitment to preventing Iran from acquiring a nuclear weapon, a White House official said. He also is likely to condemn the video that spawned recent uprisings in Africa and the Middle East, as well as the violence that resulted from those protests. And he likely will argue that democratic changes in those regions must go beyond the voting, to include respect for women's rights and freedom of speech, the official said. The president has drawn criticism from Republicans for his schedule during his two-day visit to New York. Mr. Obama isn't meeting with other world leaders but will appear on the daytime talk show "The View" and will deliver remarks at the Clinton Global Initiative. The president will round out the week with campaign stops in Ohio and Virginia before flying to Nevada for a few days of debate preparations.

(...) This week, the Obama campaign will seek to highlight Mr. Romney's past opposition to a trade complaint the administration filed against China on tires, citing Mr. Romney's position in his book "No Apology," and seeking to counter expected attacks on Mr. Obama about China and trade. The campaign also plans a memo highlighting Mr. Romney's personal investments in China, accusing him of hypocrisy.

(...) The Obama campaign also plans to track Mr. Romney's Ohio tour with a new TV ad that highlights his secretly recorded comments about the 47% of citizens who Mr. Romney said pay no federal income taxes. The ad will run in the markets that Mr. Romney plans to visit.

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