viernes, 21 de septiembre de 2012

Obama gastó más que Romney en agosto; Super PACs republicanos gastaron más que Super PACs demócratas

The Wall Street Journal:
President Barack Obama and the Democratic National Committee spent more than $122 million on his re-election campaign in August—about $10 million more than Mitt Romney and the Republican National Committee —according to detailed fundraising reports released late Thursday.

(...) Mr. Obama's campaign spent some $50 million on ads last month, with heavy investments in Virginia, Ohio and Florida, three battleground states where he continues to lead in the polls.

Mr. Romney's campaign and the RNC spent $112 million during the month. The campaign alone spent less than $14 million on ads, according an analysis of federal filings. Overall, however, Mr. Romney and a group of pro-Republican super PACs have spent more on television than have Mr. Obama and his backers.

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