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Primeras solicitudes de voto por correo en Ohio

En Ohio tanto el voto por correo como el voto presencial por adelantado empieza el próximo martes, 2 de octubre. De momento solo conocemos el número de peticiones que se han hecho hasta ahora para votar por correo, que no significa gran cosa.

The Washington Post:

In Hamilton (Cincinnati), absentee ballot requests are running ahead of the 2008 pace by 3 to 1, according to Board of Elections director Amy Searcy. As of this morning, her office had received 58,727 requests. Of those, 9,453 were from voters who requested Democratic ballots in primaries this year, and 17,824 from voters seeking Republican ballots. The rest were nonpartisan.
Compared to other counties across Ohio, Hamilton County’s sizable increase in absentee requests appears unusual, though limitations in some counties’ data from 2008 make direct comparisons difficult.

In Southwest Ohio, other surrounding counties currently seem to be on roughly the same pace as 2008. Officials in some, however, expect their final numbers this year to be higher.

Butler County had received 15,962 applications by Sept. 20, according to elections board director Lynn Kinkaid. In 2008, on a date about 10 days closer to the election, the county’s first mailing of absentee ballots totaled 20,077. “We firmly believe we’re going to have more this year,” Kinkaid said.

Clermont County had received about 10,300 requests as of last week, slightly less than the 11,000 from the same time in 2008, said board director Judy Miller. And in Warren County, the requests so far total 12,350, according to board director Kimberlie Antrican. That is nearly half of the 26,041 absentees cast in Warren County in 2008, but the applications total by this date four years ago was not available.

Several other big counties also are at or slightly ahead of their volume from four years ago.

Cuyahoga County (Cleveland) had received 135,000 requests as of Friday; on the same date in 2008, the county had processed 96,000 applications, but thousands more were in house awaiting staff attention. And in Franklin County (Columbus), there were nearly 100,000 applications as of last Friday. By a date about 10 days later in 2008, requests totaled about 130,000, said elections board spokesman Ben Piscitelli.
En esta tabla podéis seguir las solicitudes de voto por correo en los diferentes condados y la comparación con 2008. Son solo solicitudes, no votos.

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