lunes, 5 de noviembre de 2012

Pocos lujos

First Read destaca el itinerario poco atrevido de los candidatos en el último día de campaña. Ninguno anda sobrado de confianza.

*** Closing time: One striking thing about today is that both Obama and Romney are in states they HAVE to win rather than WANT to win. Obama is in Wisconsin, Ohio, and Iowa -- the firewall states. And Romney hits Florida, Virginia, Ohio, and New Hampshire. Yesterday was about luxury (Obama in Florida, Romney in Pennsylvania); today is about necessity. By the way, as NBC’s Justin Kirschner observes, both Obama and Romney will conclude their 2012 campaigns where it all began for them. For Obama, his final rally is in Iowa the state that launched his 2012 presidential bid. And for Romney, his last rally will be in New Hampshire, where he launched his 2012 campaign and where he owns a home.

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