sábado, 15 de septiembre de 2012

597.7 millones en anuncios

NBC News actualiza las cifras de dinero gastado en anuncios por las dos campañas:
Here's how the total breaks down:

Team Romney: $313.6 million
Team Obama: $284.1 million

And here are the state totals:

Florida: $121 million
Ohio: $116.4 million
Virginia: $89.1 million

North Carolina is clinging to third with $57.7 million, but with no Obama money on this buy, Colorado is creeping up, now at $56.6 million.
Those states are followed by:
Iowa: $48.2 million
Nevada: $38.4 million
New Hampshire: $28 million
Pennsylvania is seeing little activity and is stuck at $19.3 million.
Wisconsin, with the president's and Romney campaign's buys, is now up to $11.8 million. Wisconsin may be seeing a real battle, as the president will campaign their next week. NBC has maintained Wisconsin as a toss-up state, but neither campaign had been advertising there until this week.

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