lunes, 3 de septiembre de 2012

En Charlotte preocupa que la lluvia desluzca la última noche

The big event of the convention is the president’s speech Thursday evening in Bank of America Stadium, which will be able to fit 65,000 people. Tickets were given to volunteers who promised a certain amount of time to the campaign. Lines to pick up those tickets were a half-mile long at some places, the campaign said.

Yet forecasts call for scattered thunderstorms Thursday, which could make for a very unpleasant time, since umbrellas aren’t allowed for security reasons.

Convention CEO Steve Kerrigan said the event would go forward “rain or shine,” but that the committee was monitoring the forecast daily and had a contingency plan, if need be.

“We want to make sure everyone’s safe,” he said at a morning news conference.
Moving the speech inside to a smaller venue would mean the DNC would have to turn away thousands of voters who donated time and money, and in some cases, traveled from neighboring states to attend.

“It will be there rain or shine, obviously if there’s very severe weather, we’d be prepared for that as well,” Obama campaign spokesman Ben LaBolt said.

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