jueves, 6 de septiembre de 2012

Los cuatro retos del discurso de Obama

(Foto: AP/ Jae C. Hong)

First Read:
Just like we did a week ago for Mitt Romney, we look at the four challenges Obama has going into tonight’s address after 10:00 pm ET. One, he needs to convince viewers that his policies are better than Romney’s to improve the economy. (While Bill Clinton made this case last night, the August NBC/WSJ poll found Romney with a six-point advantage over Obama on having good ideas to fix the economy.) Two, he needs to describe how his re-election would truly break the partisan “fever” in Washington and would be different than his first four years in office. (The same NBC/WSJ poll had Romney with a six-point edge on changing business as usual in DC.) Three, Obama needs to lay out what he could possibly achieve in a second term, and maybe even introduce a new idea. And four, as we wrote earlier this week, he needs to rekindle that enthusiasm and excitement from four years ago -- something made tougher by the move from Bank of America Stadium to the arena (though TV viewers won’t really notice the difference).

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