jueves, 1 de noviembre de 2012

Encuestas internas de Boston: Ohio muy igualado; Romney ganando Wisconsin

Este es el diagnóstico de la situación de la campaña que hace una fuente de Jim Geraghty (National Review) que trabajó en la campaña Bush-Cheney en 2004 y que habla regularmente con los pesos pesados de Team Romney:
Politically, Hurricane Sandy (and Gov. Chris Christie) helped President Obama, but my sense is that it was more a respite than a boost.
FL, VA, and CO are looking very solid for Romney.  NV remains within reach for Romney, but favors Obama ever-so-slightly.
WI, MI, IA, PA seem to be closing well for Romney.  In WI, internal GOP polling shows Romney with a 1 point lead and gaining steam.
MN and PA aren’t head fakes by Team Romney; they are legitimate opportunities to expand Mitt’s electoral map.  MN has gone from “solid blue” to “lean Democrat.”  Team Romney is not only buying ads in PA, but is sending Paul Ryan and Marco Rubio to campaign there today. The fact that Obama is also buying ads in PA is proof that PA is in play.  Don’t be surprised if Mitt makes a stop in PA over the next few days.-
According to the polls, OH remains too close to call.  While the early voting trends make me nervous, my sources on the ground in Ohio tell me that the GOP ground game is as good as it has ever been. Romney, Ryan and their top 100 surrogates will hold a “Real Recovery Road” mega-rally in West Chester tomorrow evening, which should provide grassroots Republicans with a huge shot in the arm going into the weekend.

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