sábado, 3 de marzo de 2012

El presidente del GOP de Washington pronostica una victoria de Romney o Paul

¿La razón? Ventaja organizativa.

Ahead of his state's GOP caucuses on Saturday, the Washington Republican Party chair on Friday predicted a win for either Mitt Romney or Ron Paul.

The turnout required for a win can be bolstered by a well-organized ground campaign, and Kirby Wilbur told CNN that Rick Santorum and Newt Gingrich "don't have the infrastructure, the ground game to follow up on turning the vote out."

"You've got to have people turn out, and if you don't have people reminding them to turn them out, show them where the caucuses are, that's a disadvantage," Wilbur said.

He did not eliminate the possibility of a win by Santorum or Gingrich, and said the time Santorum spent campaigning in Washington on Thursday was not wasted.

"No, it's not a waste of time at all because if he can shore people up then he can get them out," he said of Santorum. "He's got a shot, but just the advantage rests with Romney and Paul because they have people on the ground every day calling."

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eusko libertarian dijo...

otro caucus en el que Ron queda 2º si o si xdd

Antxon Garrogerrikabeitia dijo...

Supongo que algo habrán aprendido de la lección de Maine.

eusko libertarian dijo...

si,, que en el mejor de los casos Ron quedara 2º por uno u otro motivo