jueves, 30 de agosto de 2012

Halperin: la convención de Tampa empieza a generar una preocupación manifiesta entre los demócratas

Mark Halperin (TIME):
Until Wednesday night, Democrats did not seem too worried about what was coming out of Tampa; now, there is manifest concern.

(...) You saw the reasons Mitt Romney picked him, stylistically, totally, substantively. In the CPAC speech, and other big speeches he’s given in the past, he didn’t work with two of the top speech writers in the Republican Party, which he did last night. He didn’t get to practice all that much. Look, he’s great for the base. That’s established. What’s potentially dangerous for Democrats is he showed last night an appeal to the center on style. There’s lots of substantive flaws to what he talked about but that’s not what the convention is about. The convention is about a stylistic presentation and reaching both the base and the center and he did it.”

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