lunes, 27 de agosto de 2012

Ryan dará un anticipo de su discurso en Wisconsin

ABC News dice que el Congresista Paul Ryan hará hoy una última parada de campaña en su estado antes de dirigirse a Tampa.
Paul Ryan will give the biggest speech of his life on Wednesday at the Republican National Convention in Tampa with 20 million viewers tuning in. The venue for Ryan’s speech on Monday couldn’t be more different – his old high school – but the address to his alma mater will be a preview, according to a Ryan aide, of his address at the convention.

The vice presidential candidate will return home to his high school, the Joseph A. Craig High School in Janesville, Wisconsin and will give a “small preview of his message about a better future for America,” according to the aide. It will also surely tell the story of a local boy done good with a backdrop of an adoring hometown crowd.
También cuenta que le están ayudando con el discurso Matthew Scully y John McConnell, dos redactores especializados en escribir para Vicepresidentes y candidatos a Vicepresidente. Ryan también tiene experiencia redactando discursos para vicepresidenciables. Lo hizo en 1996 para Jack Kemp.
The men helping to craft the address are GOP speechwriters Matthew Scully, author of Sarah Palin’s 2008 Republican convention speech, and John McConnell, former Vice President Dick Cheney’s speechwriter. The candidate did speech prep on Friday with aides in Manchester, New Hampshire, before a fundraiser there and Ryan also met with staff Sunday afternoon in Janesville.

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