jueves, 9 de agosto de 2012

Actualizaciones sospechosas en la información de registro de las webs de Jindal, Pawlenty y Ryan...

(Foto: AP)

Talk Radio News:
Reporters have been scrambling to track Wikipedia article edits and other “behind the scenes” clues for any possible advanced word about Mitt Romney’s upcoming vice presidential selection for weeks, and a website registration change Thursday built on that trend, steering attention to Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal’s prospects for the job.

Publicly available information for BobbyJindal.com showed a change in the site’s registration information occurring today, prompting speculation that communications teams affiliated with Romney’s campaign or the Governor himself could be in the preliminary stages of unveiling a new web presence for the Governor should he be chosen as the Republican candidate’s running mate.

In the hours after Jindal’s page change, an unused website for Tim Pawlenty, as well as Paul Ryan’s Congressional campaign page also underwent database updates.

In 2008, then-Senator Joe Biden’s website was changed on the day of his selection as vice president to reflect a new design in line with the visual theme of Barack Obama’s campaign, even though news of his announcement began to leak out the previous day when Secret Service personnel were spotted outside of his Delaware residence.

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