sábado, 4 de agosto de 2012

Clint Eastwood apoya a Romney

Clint Eastwood asistió ayer a una recaudación de fondos del Gobernador Romney en Sun Valley, Idaho, y salió al escenario para hacer público su apoyo al candidato.

No es una sorpresa. Eastwood ha confesado más de una vez haber votado siempre a los republicanos, con una sola excepción: votó a Ross Perot en 1992. Pero no por esperado deja de ser importante el endorsement de uno de los americanos vivos más importantes.

POLITICO.com tiene los detalles del evento de ayer:
Romney appeared pleased by the endorsement from Eastwood, whose Chrysler ad during the Super Bowl earlier this year was widely seen as a tacit nod to President Obama, even though he never said anything specifically about the campaign.
From Gibson's report, a transcription of Eastwood's ode to his film Mystic River and how it brought him to Romney:
Romney: "There is a guy here from the world of acting, who has pursed his dreams in a very unusual way, he stood up to the industry and did things his own way."
The crowd applauded and some pointed to Eastwood.
Romney: "Can I get Clint Eastwood to come up here and say hi to everybody?"
Eastwood walked up and said something inaudible and Romney laughed.
Eastwood: "This is very nice to be here today, tonight, today. Let's clear the smoke."
"I was doing a picture in early 2000s called Mystic River in his home state. At that time Gov. Romney was running for governor.  I said, God this guy is too handsome to be governor but he does look like he could be president. As the years have gone by I'm beginning to think even more so that."
"He's going to restore a decent tax system that we need badly so that there is a fairness and people are not pitted against one another of whose paying taxes and who isn't."
"Also we don't want anybody taking away the Olympic medals, tax wise, from the Olympic athletes. The government is talking about getting a couple of nickles."
"It's now more important than ever that we need Gov. Romney and I'm going to be voting for him as I know most of you will be... we've got to just spread the word and get the whole country behind this..."
Romney then took back the microphone: "He just made my day. What a guy."

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