viernes, 10 de agosto de 2012

¿Forzado a escoger a Ryan?

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Las mismas fuerzas (intelectuales conservadores que utilizan el Wall Street Journal, el Weekly Standard o el National Review como altavoces) que el año pasado imploraban al Gobernador Mitch Daniels, de Indiana, que se presentase a la Presidencia, parecen estar ahora detrás de la promoción del Congresista Paul Ryan para la Vicepresidencia, colocando a Romney en una situación en la que ir con alguien más convencional podría no serle suficiente para satisfacerlos.

Particularly enthusiastic backers of Ryan are opinion writers for the East Coast's leading conservative publications - like the Wall Street Journal, the National Review and the Weekly Standard. As if on cue, many of them weighed in this week in support of Ryan, almost daring Romney to pick him instead of more conventional short-listers, such as former Minnesota Governor Tim Pawlenty or Senator Rob Portman of Ohio.
New York Magazine:
At this point, joining Ryan to the ticket would be a huge gamble. Romney would be tapping into Ryan’s immense political talent, but giving up on his win-by-default strategy that has taken a beating but might look good again if, say, some international disaster craters the recovery between now and November. In any case, the conservative drumbeat for Ryan has grown so overwhelming that it’s no longer even clear that Romney could turn Ryan down for an Incredibly Boring White Guy, even if he wants to. The Republican Party belongs to Ryan.

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