jueves, 2 de agosto de 2012

Las cifras de la guerra de anuncios esta semana

(Foto: Cain and Todd Benson via photo pin cc)

First Read nos cuenta que esta semana Romney y sus Super PACs están duplicando el gasto de Obama y sus Super PACs en anuncios de televisión, pero que Obama se está anunciando más que Romney en el mercado hispano:
*** Team Romney’s big ad-spending advantage: While it’s technically correct that the Obama campaign is outspending the Romney campaign in TV advertising in the battleground states, you can’t say the same thing when adding all the outside groups. Right now, Team Romney -- the campaign, the RNC, and all the GOP-leaning outside groups -- is outspending Team Obama (campaign, DNC, outside groups) this week by a nearly 2-to-1 margin, $25 million to $14 million. That $25 million, in fact, is more than we’ve seen from one side during any other week this cycle. Here’s the full breakdown on this week’s ad spending (from July 30 to Aug. 5), according to data from SMG Delta: Obama $12.8 million, Crossroads GPS $9.7 million, Romney $8.1 million, Restore Our Future $3.8 million, RNC $2.5 million, Priorities USA $1 million, American Crossroads $940,000. Note that Crossroads GPS is outspending the Romney camp right now, and the Koch Brothers’ Americans for Prosperity has booked a multimillion buy slated to begin next week.
(...) *** But it’s a different story on Hispanic TV: Yet one place where Team Obama has a definite ad-spending edge over Team Romney is on Hispanic media -- a total of $6.1 million to $521,000. Here’s the breakdown on Hispanic media to date: Obama campaign $3.6 million, SEIU/Priority USA $2.5 million, and Romney camp $521,000. By the way, this week is Romney’s first major expenditure on Hispanic TV; it had bought an occasional market here or there this summer, but this week marks the campaign’s first full entry into the Hispanic arena in a slew of states.
(...) *** This week’s 10 hottest markets: And speaking of markets, here’s our weekly look at the 10 hottest advertising markets of the week (in terms of advertising points from July 30 to Aug. 5). The observations here: Three of the top 10 markets are in Ohio, including top-ranked Cincinnati (if you’ve ever wondered whatever became of your attack ads, they are living on the air in Cincinnati); three are in Virginia; two are in Nevada, including Las Vegas, which makes its first appearance on our list; and two are in Colorado, which comes back to our list after the Aurora shooting. Two battleground states NOT on this list: North Carolina and Iowa.
1. Cincinnati, OH (Obama 1600, Romney 1100, Crossroads 880, RNC 190, ROF 275).

2. Richmond-Petersburg, VA (Obama 1300, Romney 1200, Crossroads 895, RNC 215, ROF/200, Priorities/170).

3. Reno, NV (Crossroads 1500, Obama 1200, Romney 700, RNC 150, ROF 120).

4. Columbus, OH (Obama 1300, Romney 1000, Crossroads 700, RNC 200, ROF 200, Priorities 200).

5. Colorado Springs, CO (Obama 1250, Romney 975, Crossroads 620, RNC 240, ROF 225, Priorities 140).

6. Las Vegas, NV (Obama 1100, Crossroads 1100, Romney 775, RNC 200, ROF 120).

7. Cleveland, OH (Obama 1400, Romney 800, Crossroads 450, RNC 215, Priorities 200, ROF 150).

8. Norfolk-Portsmouth, VA (Obama 1100, Romney 1000, Crossroads 720, RNC 200).

9. Denver, CO (Romney 1100, Obama 700, Crossroads 575, RNC 300, ROF 300, Priorities 250).

10. Roanoke Lynchburg, VA (Obama 1000, Romney 900, Crossroads 700, RNC 200, Priorities/180).

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