sábado, 13 de octubre de 2012

51 millones de espectadores siguieron el debate vicepresidencial

The New York Times:
Nielsen, a television ratings company, estimated Friday that 51.4 million viewers watched at home on one of the 12 rated networks that showed the debate. Nielsen’s total did not include television viewers in offices, restaurants, bars, or other areas, nor did it include any Web viewers.

(...) Back in 2008, Mr. Biden and the Republican vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin attracted 69.9 million TV viewers at home — a record for any debate of vice presidential running mates.

Nielsen said in a news release Friday: “The 2008 Biden-Palin debate notwithstanding, last night’s political tête-à-tête had the highest V.P. debate viewership since the George H.W. Bush-Geraldine Ferarro debate in 1984. That debate nabbed 56.7 million viewers.”

The favored network for the debate on Thursday night was the Fox News Channel. It drew slightly more than 10 million viewers between 9 and 10:30 p.m., almost two million more than the next-highest-rated network, CBS. Among the cable news channels, MSNBC, with 4.4 million viewers, slightly outrated CNN.

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Debate - julio dijo...

Muy buenas las cifras y viendo un poco el desarrollo del debate me parece que se van a ver grandes cifras para los otros dos debates presidenciales porque Biden levanto el tono de la disputa presidencial.