domingo, 7 de octubre de 2012

7 consejos para Obama de cara al próximo debate

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A diferencia de un mes de septiembre con los fines de semana ocupados, Obama no está haciendo actos públicos en este primer fin de semana de octubre, lo que nos lleva a pensar que debe estar tratando con su equipo el modo de preparar mejor el segundo debate.

Un grupo de expertos (correción: expertos no son porque son periodistas) listan en The Week siete consejos para que el Presidente mejore su desempeño en los próximos debates:
1. Play offenseThe biggest criticism of Obama is that he came to the debate with a "prevent defense" strategy — running out the clock without blowing his lead — and he let Romney score a "field goal," or even "two touchdowns." Obama wanted to seem calm, reasonable, and statesmanlike, says Noam Scheiber at The New Republic, but he ended up "not just in a defensive crouch but a stunningly conservative one," and it didn't work against a hyper-energetic Romney. "In the next two debates, we will surely see a much more aggressive and focused Obama," says John Cassidy at The New Yorker. But Obama's already gifted Romney "a big boost in confidence and credibility."

2. Bring his zingers to the debate"After a night to sleep on it, and some time to huddle with aides, Obama on Thursday found the lively retorts that had eluded him Wednesday night," says Dana Milbank at The Washington Post. But by then it was too late to jump into the yawning openings Romney had given to him: The comeback to Romney's "I need to get a better accountant" practically writes itself. It was eerily like that Seinfeld episode where George Costanza spends the whole half-hour trying to come up with the perfect retort to a colleague, says Conn Carroll at The Washington Examiner. Mother Jones' Adam Serwer summed up the Obama-Costanza meme: "Shorter Obama today: 'Oh yeah? Well the JERK STORE called, and they're running out of YOU!'"
Los otros cinco consejos, aquí.

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