martes, 9 de octubre de 2012

Boston pone su atención en Ohio

The Daily Caller nos cuenta que Boston trasladará parte de su personal de Pennsylvania a Ohio:
Republican nominee Mitt Romney’s presidential campaign is diverting substantial resources from Pennsylvania to Ohio, according to a knowledgeable campaign source who requested anonymity due to the sensitivity of the matter.

Field staff for the campaign were told about the decision during a conference call late Monday, the source said. Instructions were not sent via email to avoid leaks to the media.

A Romney official denied to The Daily Caller that the campaign was moving out of Pennsylvania entirely, but confirmed that some of the state’s staff were headed to Ohio — a state every Republican president has won on the road to the White House.
Y The New York Times dice que también está haciendo algunos ajustes en su estrategia de anuncios de tv en Ohio:
The president’s campaign has overwhelmed Mr. Romney until now in television advertising. In Youngstown, Mr. Romney and his allied groups ran virtually no advertisements through much of September, as Mr. Obama and his Democratic allies showed their ads more than 1,100 times, according to data compiled by the media monitoring firm Kantar Media/CMAG.

Mr. Romney has now increased his advertising in smaller markets across the state, including Youngstown, Zanesville and Lima.

(...) Republican strategists in Ohio said Mr. Romney needed to increase his support among women, particularly in suburban areas. Requests from state Republicans for a television commercial featuring Ann Romney have not yet been approved by the campaign headquarters in Boston.

But Mr. Romney is now trying to focus his appeal to specific voters in each corner of Ohio, with a focus on coal production in the southeast, conservative values in the southwest and a bipartisan pitch in the suburbs of Cleveland. In that area, George V. Voinovich, a former senator and governor, declares in a new radio ad, “Mitt Romney will bring us together and end the divisiveness we have seen in Washington.”

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