martes, 23 de octubre de 2012

CNN dice que no hay claro ganador; CBS y PPP dan ganador a Obama; buenos números de Romney en la letra pequeña


A CNN/ORC International Poll following Monday's presidential debate found those who watched the third and final head-to-head matchup of President Barack Obama and Mitt Romney did not identify a clear winner.

Debate viewers split 48% for Obama and 40% for Romney in the poll, a margin within the sampling error of plus or minus 4.5%.

A majority - 59% - of those who watched the Boca Raton, Florida debate thought Obama performed stronger than expected, while 15% thought he was weaker than expected and 23% thought he performed on par with their expectations.

Romney outperformed the expectations of 44% of debate watchers, while 26% thought he performed weaker than expected and 26% said he performed on par with expectations.

Public Policy Polling:

Immediately after it wrapped, 53 percent of the more than 500 voters polled gave the foreign policy-themed debate to Mr. Obama; 23 percent said Romney won, and 24 percent felt the debate was a tie. Uncommitted voters in similar polls gave the first debate to Romney by a large margin, but said Mr. Obama edged the GOP nominee in the second debate.

Both candidates enjoyed a bump regarding whom the voters trust to handle international crisis. Before the debate, 46 percent said they would trust Romney, and 58 percent said they would trust the president. Those numbers spiked to 49 percent and 71 percent, respectively.
Overwhelmingly, the same group of voters said President Obama would do a better job than Romney on terrorism and national security, 64 percent to 36 percent. But they were evenly split, 50-50, on which candidate would better handle China.

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