jueves, 4 de octubre de 2012

El Super PAC de Obama cancela anuncios en FL y WI

The New York Times:
The pro-Obama “super PAC” that has spent millions of dollars attacking Mitt Romney in ads is pulling commercials from Florida and Wisconsin, part of what the group says is a realignment of its advertising campaign.

The cancellations by Priorities USA Action, coupled with new purchases of television time in other key swing states, indicate where Democratic strategists think the presidential race may and may not be competitive with a month left to Election Day.

(...) But Priorities, which has been pulling in more money than its pro-Romney counterpart recently and will continue to aggressively fund-raise through much of October, is also going up on the air in states where the polls are much tighter, like Nevada, which is a first.

Bill Burton, a senior strategist for the group, said Wednesday that Priorities would also be buying more time in Colorado, Iowa, Nevada and Virginia in the coming days.
According to preliminary advertising totals, Priorities moved $4.5 million out of Florida and Wisconsin markets. But the group remains on the air in some markets, including Orlando, West Palm Beach and Green Bay.
Lo de Wisconsin se puede entender porque Romney está gastando allí menos que en otros estados indecisos y Chicago debe pensar que puede valerse por sí mismo. Pero la salida de Florida es ciertamente llamativa ya que estamos hablando del más codiciado de los estados indecisos por ser el que más votos electorales tiene. Los sondeos internos no deben ser muy prometedores en el estado soleado para desviar sus partidas a media docena de estados.

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