martes, 23 de octubre de 2012

Halperin: Obama B+, Romney B+

Mark Halperin (Time) resume bien la actuación de los dos candidatos en el debate:


The main thing: Tried all evening to tease out for America the patent contradictions he sees starkly in Romney’s past statements, but could not cast them in sharp enough relief to break through for the non-expert viewer. Efforts to make Romney seem unpresidential and unprepared failed to rattle his opponent, but did produce a series of rhetorical moments that will get television replays. Still haunted by his Denver failure, he stayed hyped up throughout, pleasing his base. Significantly stronger on points, but less likely than his rival to have his performance impact the outcome of the race.

Grade: B+


The main thing: Achieved his ongoing goal of appearing to be an acceptable alternative for American voters. Was determined not to let the President bait him into the sort of titanic clash that characterized the previous debate — and/but didn’t ruffle when challenged. Performance will energize his own base for sure, even if he expressed agreement with the President on numerous occasions. If his task was to remain calm and present himself to the electorate as a reasonable, peace-seeking, credible, centrist, sure-handed commander-in-chief, he seemed to clear the bar for at least some undecideds. Completed the trifecta of appearing as the President’s semiotic equal in every debate.

Grade: B+

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