lunes, 27 de febrero de 2012

ARG: empate en Michigan

American Research Group:

Rick Santorum holds a slight lead heading into the Michigan Republican presidential primary. Santorum leads with 36% and is followed by Mitt Romney with 35%, Ron Paul with 15%, and Newt Gingrich with 8%.

Santorum has lost 2 percentage points since a similar survey conducted February 21-22, 2012, while Romney has gained 1 percentage point.

Romney now leads Santorum 38% to 37% among self-identified Republicans, followed by Gingrich with 11% and Paul with 9%. Among self-identified independents and Democrats, Santorum leads with 34%, followed by Romney with 30%, Paul with 25%, and Gingrich with 3%.

Santorum leads Romney 36% to 35% among likely Republican primary voters saying they will definitely vote in the February 28 primary, followed by Paul with 16% and Gingrich with 7%. Romney and Santorum are tied at 35% each among those saying they will probably vote, followed by Gingrich with 14% and Paul with 9%.

Santorum leads with 42% among likely Republican primary voters saying they are supporters of the Tea Party, followed by Romney with 27%, Gingrich with 13%, and Paul with 11%. Among likely primary voters saying they are not supporters of the Tea Party or are undecided about the Tea Party, Romney leads with 40%, followed by Santorum with 32%, Paul with 17%, and Gingrich with 5%.

Santorum leads Romney 38% to 31% among men, followed by Paul with 18% and Gingrich with 9%. Romney leads Santorum 40% to 33% among women, followed by Paul with 11% and Gingrich with 7%.

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