martes, 21 de febrero de 2012

Mitchell/Rosetta Stone Poll: empate técnico en Michigan


Mitt Romney has regained the lead in a Mitchell/Rosetta Stone Poll of Michigan conducted for MIRS (Michigan Information & Research Service). The two front runners are now in a statistical dead heat with Romney (32%) having a 2% lead over Rick Santorum (30%) while Newt Gingrich (9%) and Ron Paul (7%) are far behind in a trial Republican presidential ballot test. About one in five voters remain undecided (22%). Eight days ago, Santorum had a 9% lead and twelve days before that Romney led by 15% in a topsyturvy race.

(...) "Reports show Romney is spending twice as much on media as Santorum and it would seem as though it is having an impact. Romney has turned the race around and has gone back into the lead by 2%. Romney has made big inroads with conservatives that had gone to Santorum in the last poll. Santorum's lead among Tea Party voters has been cut from 15% to 5%, his lead with Evangelical Christians has been cut from 16% to 11%, and his huge lead among those that say they are "very conservative" has been cut in half, from 31% to 15%. The strong negative ads being run in Michigan defining Santorum as a big spender have had a huge impact. Romney's message and resources have put him back into the lead," Steve Mitchell, president of Mitchell Research & Communications, Inc. said.

"Romney's lead is also being fueled by the 25% of the voters who say they are "more likely" to vote for Romney because he was born and raised in Michigan. With those voters, Romney leads Santorum by a whopping 40% (59%-19%) while he trails by 11% (34%-23%) among those who say it would make them "less likely" to vote for him based on that information or that it would make no difference. "Clearly, being from Michigan is a huge factor for Romney," Mitchell said.

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