martes, 28 de febrero de 2012

Doce cosas que pasarán si Romney pierde Michigan

Por Mark Halperin:
A dozen things that will happen if Mitt Romney loses Michigan:

1. Romney will face inordinate pressure to shake up his campaign team.

2. He will face public questions from elected officials and Republicans strategists about his electability and competence that will make past doubts seem mild.

3. He will have even more trouble raising money for his campaign and his Super PAC.

4. He will face more pressure to put his own millions of dollars into the campaign — and the dilemma that, if he does, it willdiscourage additional contributions from others even more.

5. He will dial around like a management consultant on steroids, seeking advice about how to turn things around.

6. His campaign will begin to argue through the media even more strenuously that this is a contest of delegate accumulation, rather than momentum.

7. His campaign will face the challenge of spinning how he lost his home state — and will argue that Santorum won with illegitimate Democratic votes.

8. People will start to notice that the upcoming states (outside of New England) are not so good for Romney politically.

9. Rick Santorum will face a moment of maximum opportunity to consolidate support — and will blow it if he fails to pivot to an economic message.

10. Newt Gingrich will see his moment to get back in the game by besting Santorum in Super Tuesday's Southern contest.

11. The country will be subjected to another round of Christie-Bush-Daniels-Ryan speculation.

12. Romney will still be the frontrunner for the nomination.

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