viernes, 3 de agosto de 2012

Chicago hace una reserva de 70 millones en espacio para anuncios de tv hasta noviembre

(Foto: AP)

The Obama campaign has taken the extraordinary step of booking $77 million in additional ad time starting Friday and running through Election Day, a Republican ad buying source told CNN.
The new buy is for thirty second broadcast TV spots that will run in eight battleground states.
Through Thursday Team Obama will have spent at least $106 million in general election ads – more than twice what the Mitt Romney campaign has bought. This buy will bring his total media purchase so far this cycle to almost $190 million.
(...) Here is the breakdown of the new Obama buy:
Colorado: $7,025,120
Florida: $13,355,226
Iowa: $7,315,224
Nevada: $4,939,620
New Hampshire: $4,939,620
North Carolina: $7,647,844
Ohio: $19,533,433
Virginia: $11,582,494

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