viernes, 17 de agosto de 2012

Peggy Noonan aconseja a Romney-Ryan que cambien la palabra "recortar" por "ahorrar/salvar"

Peggy Noonan escribe en The Wall Street Journal:
Republicans should keep this picture in mind. There's a woman on a porch in eastern Ohio and she has a dog and likes guns and supports the NRA and sees herself as more or less conservative. She assumed she'd vote for Romney and not that big loser in the White House. But she's hearing about Ryan and she's hearing the word "cuts." She knows spending is out of control and she's worried about deficits and debt. But she's on disability and her husband's illness is being handled by Medicare, and she's wondering: "Do these guys really understand my life? Do they know how it is for us?" She's getting concerned, and not only for herself but her neighbors and friends. People are not just protective of themselves, they're loyal to others.

Ryan is associated with the word cutting. Republicans will have to make people believe the word to associate with him is "saving," that the Romney-Ryan ticket wants to save entitlement programs that aren't sustainable, that will in time collapse unless we impose ruinous taxes or continue with ruinous deficits.

Republicans have just a few weeks to get across—on the stump, at the conventions—that they're trying to save Medicare, not kill it, that they're the lifeguard, not the shark.


Go for broke on your fidelity to the safety net and your insistence on saving it. The other guy does nothing but talk, pose and let the crisis worsen.

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