domingo, 12 de febrero de 2012

Después de Maine, Romney vuelve su atención a la recaudación

The Washington Post:
His losing streak broken and the GOP presidential race entering a lull, Mitt Romney now turns his attention to extending the huge cash advantage he enjoys over his rivals.

(...) There won’t be another election until Arizona and Michigan hold primaries at the end of the month and the next debate is 10 days away.

That’s an unusually long break in a rapid-fire Republican race that featured six contests in the last two weeks alone. Romney and his rivals now have 17 days to raise cash and bolster their organizations for what’s shaping up to be a long slog to the Republican nomination and the right to face President Barack Obama in November.

Romney was focused on money even before his Maine victory was official.

He left the state to attend a West coast fundraiser Saturday night and issued a written statement to mark his victory in the low-turnout contest.

(...) He’s expected to spend much of next week courting fundraisers, while sprinkling in a handful of campaign events. He’ll be in Arizona Monday evening.

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