lunes, 20 de febrero de 2012

El Super PAC de Romney terminó enero con 16.3 millones en el banco

USA Today:
Restore Our Future, a super PAC aiding Mitt Romney, raised $6.6 million in January to aid his presidential campaign, documents filed today show.

The super PAC spent nearly $14 million in January as it blistered Romney's GOP rivals with stinging ads during last month's caucuses and primaries. It ended the month with $16.3 million in the bank, some of which is being deployed in Romney's native state of Michigan ahead of the Feb. 28 vote there.

(...) Overall, Restore Our Future has raised nearly $36.8 million since it was created last year. January donors include Texas billionaire Harold Simmons, who gave $100,000, and members of the Marriott and Walton families, who established the hotel chain and Walmart stores, respectively. Meg Whitman, who ran unsuccessfully for California governor in 2010, also donated $100,000 to Restore Our Future last month.

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