sábado, 11 de febrero de 2012

Manifiesta igualdad entre Romney y Paul en un recinto de Portland

The Portland Press Herald:
Based on signs and cheers, the 250 Republicans caucusing at Riverton Elementary School today appeared split between Mitt Romney and Rep. Ron Paul of Texas.

There appeared to be little support for the other two Republican presidential candidates, Newt Gingrich and Rick Santorum.

But as of 11 a.m., they were a long way from beginning to vote, party officials said.

Romney, the former Massachusetts governor, made a brief appearance at the event. He told the crowd Paul wasn't electable, and Maine voters should throw their support behind him.

"We have to find someone to replace Barack Obama, not just make a political statement," Romney said.

Ron Paul, who is in Maine today, didn't attend the caucus. But Patrick Eisenhart, Paul's spokesman, urged Republicans to vote for his candidate, saying Paul is the only candidate who understands monetary policy.

Party officials said the turnout of 250 Republicans was 100 more than during the 2008 Republican presidential caucus. The crowd is actually much larger than 250, but many of the people are from out of state and can't participate in the voting process.

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