lunes, 6 de febrero de 2012

Romney confía en repetir victoria en Colorado

USA Today:
It may be a four-man race in Colorado, but one candidate clearly has had a head start.

Former Massachusetts governor Mitt Romney won the state's Republican caucuses with 60% of the vote in 2008, while his nearest competitor, Sen. John McCain, received 18%. Romney supporters here say the organization that led to that big win four years ago has never gone away.

"He had a wonderful organization here … and I believe they stayed in touch. They were well, well organized at that time and they basically took so many of the caucuses it was phenomenal," said Colorado state Rep. B.J. Nikkel. "I believe he'll do even better this time."

Romney's campaign is well organized and will have enough speakers to represent him at various precincts during caucuses Tuesday, said state Treasurer Walker Stapleton, Romney's honorary Colorado campaign chairman.

Nikkel and Stapleton are two of the dozens of statewide and local elected and former-elected officials who have endorsed Romney and who said they hope to help make Colorado the latest win for the Romney campaign.

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