viernes, 3 de febrero de 2012

Tarkanian: Romney o Paul en Nevada

The Street:
Two Nevada polls have tapped Mitt Romney and Newt Gingrich as the top two candidates in the state, but the Nevada Republican Party chair guesses the caucuses will come down to Romney and Ron Paul.

The most recent surveys could come as a surprise because Paul has campaigned heavily in the state -- where he finished second in the 2008 GOP presidential race -- while Gingrich hadn't open offices in Nevada until the past week.

"I hear a little bit more Mitt Romney chatter than Ron Paul, but the amount of tea party folks and libertarians that we have out here has just grown more and more," Amy Tarkanian said in an interview. "If I had to guess, it's going to be between one of those two, absolutely."

(...) Tarkanian also pointed out that Gingrich's ground game in Nevada seems to have been too little too late.

(...) "We have a huge Ron Paul following out here, and a huge Mitt Romney following. ... Those two never left our state," Tarkanian said. "They are both organized like I've never seen, they have coalitions put together like I've never seen; Ron Paul even has a [Latter-day Saint's Church] coalition ... so not all the Mormon's are going to go to Mitt Romney."

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eusko libertarian dijo...

Ron Paul, sin duda

Ya pueden cerrar el debate


Anónimo dijo...

bueno bueno primero Nevada y luego Maine y momentum de Paul, ya tenemos al antiRomney jaja

Anónimo dijo...

creo que al segundo que le convienen un momentum de paul es a Romney. Pero apoesto que mañana es para Romney y no me sorprenderia que bajara con respecto a el 2008 menos del 51%.

Joan Mejia