domingo, 22 de julio de 2012

David Cameron recibirá a Romney con todos los honores

The Sun:

DAVID Cameron will roll out the red carpet for US presidential hopeful Mitt Romney this week — risking a row with Barack Obama.

The Republican will meet for grand talks with the Prime Minister at No10 on Thursday.
The millionaire businessman will be treated like a major world leader in a huge boost for his campaign to oust America’s first black president.

With the US leader’s wife Michelle Obama also in London for Friday’s Olympic opening ceremony, the visit runs the risk of sparking a diplomatic spat with the White House.

Mr Cameron is throwing on the charm offensive because “we believe there’s now a more than 50/50 chance” of Romney winning the US election in November, a senior Whitehall official told The Sun.

Mr Romney will be snapped arriving in Downing Street. He will then be ushered to one of the most lavish state rooms before a photo opportunity.

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