jueves, 26 de julio de 2012

Obama ha emitido el doble de anuncios que Romney pero los Super PACs republicanos han emitido doce veces más anuncios que los Super PACs demócratas


Obama’s campaign ran ads 19,583 times, more than twice the 9,165 spots run by Republican challenger Mitt Romney. Yet the anti-Obama campaign was more visible because of three groups that together ran 18,200 ads criticizing the president.
The anti-Obama groups are Crossroads Grassroots Policy Strategies, a non-profit 501c4 organization that ran 8,523 spots; American Crossroads, its affiliated super-PAC, which ran 3,081 spots; and the Republican National Committee, which ran ads 6,596 times. These three groups together ran twice as many ads as Romney during the seven-day period.
Priorities USA Action, a super-PAC backing Obama, ran ads 1,363 times, all attacking Romney’s past as a private-equity executive. The Service Employees International Union ran 136 Spanish-language ads attacking Romney.
Add that all up, and the president and his allies were outgunned in television ads, 27,365 to 21,082, by Romney and his surrogates.

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