lunes, 23 de julio de 2012

Romney juega a lo seguro en su viaje al extranjero

El Gobernador Mitt Romney iniciará a mediados de esta semana un viaje de varios días a Europa e Israel. Para minimizar riesgos al máximo, como gusta en Boston, el itinerario incluye solo Juegos Olímpicos y tres países aliados incondicionales.

*** Bon voyage: Over the weekend, NBC’s Garrett Haake previewed Romney’s upcoming overseas trip to Great Britain, Israel, and Poland, which Haake said offers risks and rewards for the presumptive GOP presidential nominee. Here’s the official schedule: On Thursday, he participates in meetings in England with Prime Minister David Cameron and others; on Friday, he attends the Olympics opening ceremonies; on Sunday, he meets in Israel with officials like Prime Minister Netanyahu and delivers a speech there; on Monday, he heads to Poland; and on Tuesday, he delivers a speech in that country.
Yet when you think about it, Romney has minimized his risk as much as possible, especially when you compare it to Obama’s higher-risk travel to Afghanistan/Iraq/Jordan/Israel/Germany/France/England four years ago. Arguably, Romney is hitting two countries -- Israel and Poland -- that still pine for the days of George W. Bush. That said, what will he say that’s going to be different than Bush-Cheney? The Bush foreign policy is not something the country viewed very favorably, thanks mostly to Iraq. Carving out a different vision from not just Obama, but Bush, might be Romney’s biggest challenge on this overseas trip. 

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