lunes, 23 de julio de 2012

"Estad preparados para un posible recuento"

The Daily Beast:

A top Democrat who was intimately involved in the rancorous 2000 presidential recount in Florida is raising an almost diabolically complex prospect: what if the Obama-Romney contest inspires recounts in multiple states?
Former presidential chief of staff William Daley disclosed in an interview that he’s broached the subject to the Obama reelection campaign, given the closeness of polling in several key states and his experience as then–vice president Al Gore’s campaign chairman in 2000.
His message is simple: be well prepared for such an eventuality, regardless of its unprecedented nature.
“It’s not the same as preparing, as Democratic lawyers do, for Election Day voter harassment,” said Daley, who served as commerce secretary in the Clinton administration before moving to the Gore campaign in 2000.
(...) Daley says that Axelrod responded to his advice by pointing out that the campaign has lots of lawyers on hand. But the former White House chief of staff, who has stayed on good terms with Obama's team, came away with the impression that the possibility of a Florida replay wasn't on the campaign strategists' radar screen.
The historic Florida recount and eventual U.S. Supreme Court decision remain obvious sore points for Democratic partisans. And, in looking back, Daley concedes a few organizational missteps by the Gore camp in Florida, most notably not having a legal and media team on board more quickly.
(...) Daley's consideration of a far-flung set of post-election disputes is simply a function of current polling in many important states showing the Obama-Romney race too close to call. Those include Florida, Virginia, North Carolina, and Iowa.
Ya lo viene diciendo también una famosa astróloga.

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