miércoles, 1 de febrero de 2012

Ir en negativo contra Gingrich funciona

First Read:
*** Going negative against Gingrich works: A second -- and related -- reason why last night’s outcome was different: Going negative against Gingrich works. We saw that first in Iowa, where Restore Our Future pounded Gingrich with negative TV ads, knocking down the former House speaker from first in the polls there to a fourth-place finish. But when the race moved to South Carolina, Romney and his allies took their foot off the gas, which paved the way for Gingrich’s upset there. And Team Romney has learned that lesson. Yesterday, for example, it held a conference call with Nevada supporters to once again deliver an anti-Gingrich message. It is worth noting that Romney and his campaign have done a superb job pummeling the GOP rivals who have emerged as a threat (first Rick Perry, then Gingrich). How effective was the negative ad campaign? Republicans (not ALL VOTERS) but JUST Florida Republicans gave Gingrich a 40% unfavorable rating. Stunning.

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