miércoles, 1 de febrero de 2012

American Crossroads recaudó 51 millones en 2011; planea recaudar 240 millones para recuperar la Casa Blanca

The Huffington Post:
Super PAC American Crossroads and its sister organization raised more than $51 million last year with more than 60 percent of the total flowing into Crossroads GPS, the nonprofit arm that is not required to report its donors.

American Crossroads, a super PAC that reports to the Federal Election Commission, raked in $18.4 million last year, including a $5 million donation from Texas tycoon Harold Simmons, plus another $2 million from Contran, a company that he controls, according to Crossroads sources.

Crossroads GPS, the nonprofit group that shares leadership and offices with American Crossroads, pulled in $31.6 million last year, a ratio similar to what the two groups accounted for in 2010 when they raised a combined $71 million.

The two Republican groups were launched in 2010 by GOP super consultants Karl Rove and Ed Gillespie.

They are now getting fundraising help from former Mississippi governor and ex-party chairman Haley Barbour. The groups have publicly said that they're shooting to raise at least $240 million to help the GOP win the White House and control both houses of Congress.
Es el Super PAC más potente creado a partir de la sentencia Citizens United vs Federal Election Commission del Tribunal Supremo en 2010. Dará asistencia al candidato republicano en la elección general.

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