lunes, 13 de febrero de 2012

Las dos semanas que definirán la carrera (18 estados en 15 días)

First Read:
*** All at once: Looking ahead in the GOP primary race, there will be 18 different contests over a 15-day period. And here’s a good way to score their outcome: If Romney isn’t the guy with the most combined delegates, then we may very well be headed for a brokered convention. Here are 18 contests in 15 days:

Tuesday, Feb. 28: Michigan (primary), Arizona (primary)
Saturday, Mar. 3: Washington (caucus)
Tuesday, Mar. 6: (Super Tuesday): Alaska (caucus), Georgia (primary), Idaho (caucus), Massachusetts (primary), North Dakota (caucus), Ohio (primary), Oklahoma (primary), Tennessee (primary), Vermont (primary), Virginia (primary), Wyoming (caucus)
Saturday, Mar. 10: Kansas (caucus)
Tuesday, Mar. 13: Alabama (primary), Hawaii (caucus), Mississippi (primary)

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