domingo, 8 de julio de 2012

Chicago sube el tono dramático de sus ruesgos a los donantes

Inmediatamente después de conocerse que Romney recaudó más de 100 millones en junio, Jim Messina, campaign manager de Obama, envió un e-mail pidiendo más esfuerzo a los donantes. El tono alarmista del e-mail refleja una preocupación real pero también forma parte de la estrategia para concienciar a los donantes:
President Barack Obama says he's not worried about Mitt Romney's prodigious fundraising. But his campaign sounded the alarm Friday about the Republican standard-bearer's eye-popping $100 million haul in June and warned Democrats to open their wallets--before it's too late.

"If we don't take this seriously now, we risk finding ourselves at a point where there is too much ground to make up," Obama campaign manager Jim Messina said in an email request for cash. Subject line: "URGENT."

"Romney and the Republicans announced yesterday that they brought in more than $100 million in June. For context, that's about what we raised in April and May combined," Messina wrote.

"We're still tallying our own numbers, but this means their gap is getting wider, and if it continues at this pace, it could cost us the election," he said, asking for immediate donations that he promised "can start reversing this trend in just a few hours."

Messina name-checked the Koch brothers, casino magnate Sheldon Adelson, and Karl Rove—all bogeymen to liberals.
También el Vicepresidente Joe Biden envió un mensaje similar a los donantes:

Election Day will be here in less than four months. And we’re facing a big problem right now that could directly affect the outcome that day.

The Romney campaign and the Republicans raised $100 million in the month of June alone. That is a massive sum.

Just wait until they start spending all that money in full force in key states we need to win.

Folks, here is the simple reality: Building this campaign today is more important than it was a few days ago. We can still win even while getting outraised by these guys. But we’ve got to keep it close.

That means none of us — not one — can wait to make a difference right now, with whatever we can afford to chip in.

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Se sabe cuanto ha recaudado Obama?

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No. Tiene hasta el día 15 para comunicarlo.