martes, 17 de julio de 2012

El grifo de dólares de Romney, lejos de cerrarse

Of the big donors helping propel the fundraising of U.S. Republican presidential hopeful Mitt Romney, fewer than 1 percent have hit the limit they can donate to his election bid, suggesting cash is likely to keep pouring into his coffers.

Only 40 donors have given $75,800 -- the maximum individuals are allowed to give before the November 6 election -- to the joint Victory fund that Romney shares with the Republican National Committees, according to a Reuters analysis of the fund's first campaign finance filing submitted late on Sunday.

That is a drop in the bucket of some 19,000 named donors -- those who have given a total of at least $200 and so triggered the threshold for federal disclosure. About 2,000 of those named donors to the Victory fund have given at least $25,000 but can give more before hitting the limit, the analysis showed.

Joint funds allow candidates to rake in much bigger checks than are allowed for campaigns on their own.

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