lunes, 16 de julio de 2012

El Super PAC de Romney recaudó 20 millones en junio; el de Obama, 6 millones

The Fix:
The top super PAC supporting Mitt Romney set a new standard for fundraising by a super PAC in June, collecting $20 million, a PAC aide told The Fix.
Restore Our Future’s unprecedented total is four times what the super PAC raised in May and more than three times what the top super PAC supporting President Obama raised in the same month. (That super PAC, Priorities USA Action, also set a personal best in June with $6 million raised.)
The pro-Romney super PAC’s advantage in June came as its candidate’s campaign was also outraising Obama by a significant margin, $106 million to $71 million. It has become apparent that Romney and his allies could well outspend the incumbent president over the next three and a half months in the runup to Election Day.

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