miércoles, 18 de julio de 2012

Romney empieza a gastar más en anuncios

*** Team Romney now outspending Team Obama by 2-to-1 margin on TV ads: And in another sign of its ferocious counterattack, Team Romney (the campaign, the RNC, and Crossroads GPS) is outspending Team Obama (campaign and Priorities USA Action) this week by a 2-to-1 margin in the battleground states, $16 million to $8 million. According to our ad-tracking data, the Obama campaign has purchased $7.1 million worth of advertising this week (7/16-7/22), Crossroads GPS $6.1 million, the Romney campaign $6 million (its largest media buy to date in the general election), the RNC $4.4 million, and Priorities USA Action nearly $1 million. For a while now, the Romney campaign and its allies have observed that the Obama campaign is outspending them on the airwaves. And that’s true when it’s campaign vs. campaign. But when you add up all the advertising entities, Team Romney now has a 2-to-1 advantage.

*** The RNC to the rescue: And what’s creating this advantage is the RNC cavalry coming to the rescue. Indeed, in three battleground states now, the RNC is actually outspending the Romney campaign for this week: North Carolina (RNC $835K vs. Romney $682K), Iowa ($475K vs. $427K), and New Hampshire ($648K vs. $82K).

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