viernes, 13 de julio de 2012

Romney vuelve a retirarse a New Hampshire; ¿será para decidir el VP?

Mitt Romney today is headed to his lakeside retreat in Wolfeboro, N.H., on Friday for a three-day weekend, and all signs point to the GOP presidential nominee hunkering down to mull his shortlist for running mates.

Time is running short for Romney to make his selection in advance of the Republican convention in late August. Moreover, Romney is headed to London for the Summer Olympics, which begin July 27, followed by a trip to Israel, his first overseas foray as the presumptive nominee. That’s just two weeks away. If he remains abroad for a couple of weeks, that doesn’t leave much time before the Aug. 27 convention opens in Tampa, Fla.

Romney has refused to give any hints about his timing. Unveiling his running mate in July would allow him to leave his top surrogate behind for stump speeches and fundraising while he’s out of the country. An announcement closer to the convention would allow suspense to build and potentially boost attention around the party’s biggest pep rally every four years.

“It makes some sense to do it before he goes overseas,’’ said Republican strategist John Weaver, a top advisor to 2008 nominee John McCain of Arizona. “On the other hand, I’m sure they will do a very good vetting process.’’

(...) During a family vacation in Wolfeboro last week, the Associated Press spotted Romney meeting with Matt Rhoades, senior adviser Myers, and top strategist Stuart Stevens. When Romney decided to return to Wolfeboro this weekend, beginning Friday, it heightened speculation that he was zeroing in on his choice.

“Everything that you’re hearing is people guessing, speculation and people giving their own opinion,’’ said longtime Republican pollster Ed Goeas. “But by now, I think everyone who willing to serve has been asked and they’re doing serious vetting.’’

For now, political junkies are left to read tea leaves. Rhoades teased supporters Thursday afternoon with an email subject line that said “Mitt's VP”' but gave absolutely nothing in the way of clues.

“We're getting ready to share some exciting news,” Rhoades wrote. “Sometime between now and the Republican convention, Mitt will be announcing his choice for VP.”

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